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Freya Russ Daughter of Leman Russ by Firegirl1015
Freya Russ Daughter of Leman Russ
Name: Freya Russ

Age: 24 (pre Heresy)

Personality: short fuse but generally cares about her friends. is terrible at reading people.

Battle Talent: aggressive all out assault strikes with her axe. pretty much just berserking her way through.

Hobbys outside of fighting:..... her reaction to this. "something outside of fighting?..... i got nothing..... unless teaching my wolf to fight is something"

How her parents met: no one is entirely sure how Leman met a woman that actually tolerated him but he did. no one is sure how.

Cute story when growing up: well i would say her 10th birthday when Leman made the mistake of giving her an axe and she accidentally gave him an improvised shaving. first he was angry. but now-a-days they just both laugh at it.

Extra: Unlike her father she actually has no issue with Phykers and is close friends with Magnus's son, Percy

What happened during and after the Heresy: When she found out that her father was to attack Prospero and had orders from Horus to kill Magnus, Freya tried to talk him out of it, but failed and was forced to watch her friend and his family go into exile. During a battle against the iron warriors one of their captains removed her arm with a well placed power-axe strike and she had to replace it with a mechanical one. After the Heresy, she took her younger brother and went into hiding and is now looking for the other primarch children.

Theme song:…
House Phire. A song of Ice and Fire

Symbol: A red phoenix with a white background

House Words: We Will Rise From The Ashes

Lord of the House:
Lord Jarack Phire
Age: 50

Lady of the House:
Lady Kiren Phire
Age: 46

Realm: River-lands

Lands: A small portion of a large island

Law: The typical level of Law throughout much of Westeros.

Powers: A trained force of soldiers, including cavalry and a small navy.

Population: Large population.Phire has a large number of people
in their lands; many live in a large town or spread
throughout a number of smaller towns

Wealth: Prosperous.

Age: New

Name: Rolan Phire
Age: 25
Sex: Male

Name: Dallen Phire
Age: 23
Sex: Male

Name: Chass Phire
Age: 20
Sex: Male

Name: Jaide Rivers
Age: 18
Sex: Female

Name: Dennas Phire
Age: 15
Sex: Male

Name: Jaddon Phire
Age: 10
Sex: Male

Name: Ando Phire
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Pokefusion mission in sinster woods. by Firegirl1015
Pokefusion mission in sinster woods.
Client name: Daisy
Client species: kangaskhan/nidoqueen
Mission info: " A group of hooligans took my child!" PLEASE help i'm in desperate need of help
Criminal info: Stunky/Purrloin, Gible/Axew and Spinarak/Joltik
Dungeon: Sinister Woods
Reward:50,000 poke,  and  a lucky charm

ok guys so whats going on here is Orion is fighting off the baddies wile Chione protects the crying baby. And yes people, sorry to tell you but the sinster woods DOES look like this. It makes no sense I know
Artemis Daughter of Magnus by Firegirl1015
Artemis Daughter of Magnus
Name: Artemis

Age: 18 (pre Heresy)

Personality:  kind and a little shy. she is also one of the biggest nerds known to man kind and hardly ever leaves her room where she does her experiments

Battle Talent: doesn't fight much but has op psyker powers

Hobbys outside of fighting: reading and experimenting hanging out with her pet mini dragon Leaf

How her parents met: Artemis's mom, Willow, met Magnus when she went to prospero when she wanted to study in the libraries there, while in the libraries she met Magnus. They became best friends seeing how Willow didn't treat him any differently because he was a primarch or a psyker. a year or so later they fell in love and had Artemis's older brother , Perseus , then six years later had her.

Cute story when growing up: Being a psyker she had bad dreams every night, one night when Magnus was home he walked by her room and heard her crying and entered to see she woke up due to one of these bad dreams. She begged Magnus to stay with her and he did, he held Artemis until she fell asleep

extra: she is the only primarch child with a medical condition. She has seizures a lot so she is watched 24/7 which really ticks her off. is also really close to her father and brother. She has an eye shaped birthmark on her forehead.

What Happened during and after the Hersey: She, Her Brother Percy, and Mother Willow was returning home to prospero, not knowing that it was under attack by Leman Russ and his wolves, and they sadly found out when they were shot down, all three surviving. It took all Percy and Artemis had to get to another ship to escape while staying ahead of the steadily catching up Leman Russ. but before they could get on the ship leman caught up to them, Percy and Artemis was able to get too the ship being faster then their mother, but just before Willow could reach the ship, Leman, trying to get her out the way, threw her with to much force cracking her skull and killing her on contact. The two siblings fled unable to take the chance to retrieve their mothers body. After they found their fat and Horus was killed, they retreated into the warp with him where Willow no longer has her seizures.

Theme song:…
Steven Universe OCs by Firegirl1015
Steven Universe OCs
from left to right:

Name/Gem: Moonstone
Nickname: Moony
Personality: Quiet  shy and mysterious
Weapon: none
Powers: can send power blasts from her gem on her forhead, can send messages throw her gem
Job on Home world: messenger

Name/Gem: Angel Arora
Nickname: Angel
Personality: Brave, gentle, caring
Weapon: Giant sword
Powers: flight
Job on Home world: general, warrior

Name/Gem: River Pearl
Nickname: River
Personality: Quit but quick to anger
Weapon: twin blades
Powers: holograms
Job on Home world: servant

Name/Gem: Tiger Eye
Nickname: Tiger
Personality: Hyper, fun loving, protective
Weapon: Bo Staff
Powers: enhanced sight
Job on Home world: Scout

Name/Gem: Jet
Nickname: none
Personality: sly, curious, cold, smart
Weapon: none
Powers: can stun her enemies
Job on Home world: scientist

Name/Gem: Aqua Marine
Nickname: Aqua
Personality: Calm Cool and collected
Weapons: a trident
Powers: hydrokinesis
Job on Home world: terraforming

(I own all but Aqua Marine, she is owned my friend)
I am doing a revamp of the characters, though their main appearance won't change, their armor will and this time I will be drawing them I WON'T BE USING A BASE I will revamp the ones already up then move onto new ones, also I'm planning on writing stories on how the primarches met the mothers of their children, though im not certain if I will ever get to that.


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