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The plains app Stella by Firegirl1015
The plains app Stella

Name: Stella

Age: 2 Years

Gender: Female

Rank: Member

Mate: OPEN!!


Height: small

Fur Length: long

Fur Texture: Thick

Eye Color/s: blue

Nose Color: black

Ear Type: perked

Personality: kind and loyal. she love to play with pups and sometimes teach them a hunting move or two. she's very friendly and laidback, not much will bother her and she's not one to fight. But mess with her friends and your in for it.

Bio: Stella was born around the time of the black sorrow, she was born to a she-wolf Stream and her father Fang. she also had 5 brothers and sisters that she never knew because they and her mother died due to the black sorrow. When the pack separated she and her father stayed within the plain back. All she had was her father until the day he was killed by a bear shortly after she became a member. She became very depressed at that. believing she was alone in the world. Until one day wile she was hunting she was attacked by a lone wolf, she would have been killed if it wasn't for some of her pack mates coming to rescue her. since then she has opened up and has done everything she could to help her back.

Likes:  kind hearted wolves, fish, pups and swimming

Dislikes: mean wolves, bears and dieses


Bullet; White Acquaintance
Bullet; Black Unsure
Bullet; Red Mild Dislike
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Burning Hatred
Bullet; Green Friendly
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Best Friends
Bullet; Yellow Respect
Bullet; Orange Intimidated
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange Fear
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink love
Heart Mate
Bullet; Purple Kin
Strike Dead
Star! Mentor
NOTE: I did NOT draw this pic. it was drawn by a friend of mine at school
Well I haven't really talked about this to anyone, but I'm gonna post it on here just to let some of the feelings out. Well a few days ago my older brother went over seas, I don't remember where they put him, and some part of me doesn't want to remember. I'm scared of what could happen to him, and with his attitude, it scares me even more. He's going to be over there for 6 mounths and hopefully return home. Keep him in your prays if you can…
Golden Dragons Space Marine Girl by Firegirl1015
Golden Dragons Space Marine Girl
any way, this is my space marine girl Fire, isn't she cute!!!
Astra goddess of the Stars by Firegirl1015
Astra goddess of the Stars
Astra is the goddess of stars and the night sky, its her job to put stories in the stars and send heros that deserve to there there
Rise Of The Clans Echomist by Firegirl1015
Rise Of The Clans Echomist


Name: Echomist
Past Names: Echo, Echopaw
Nicknames:-- Echo
Age: 25 moons


                          {►||Clan Information}

Current Clan: Timberclan 
Current Rank: Warrior
Past Clan(s): none
Past Rank(s): Loner

                 Past: Redface
                Past: None.
                Current: --





Breed: Mix
Fur: soft
Build: sleek
Key Features: 

Scent: Timberclan sent and flowers


                          {►||Relationship Information}

Sexuality: straight
Looking for: A strong kind tom


++Positive++ Kind, Outgoing, Motherly, Protective

--Negative-- Shy, clumsy, sometimes can't keep her mouth shut

||Neutral|| silly, curious  



Echo was born to a loner named Sissy, she had 2 sisters, Rose and Tulip, and a brother, Falcon. She was raised with her littermates until one day, 6 moons after she was born, a blizzard hit, separating her from her family, she didn't know what to do and wondered aimless until she was found by a Timberclan patrol when she was adopted into the clan, she was nervous and scared, but it didn't take long for her to adapt to her new life, when she became an apprentice, her mentor was an old tom named Redface, he taught her everything he knew, she had a pretty normal apprenticehood. When she became a warrior, she was more then happy, she was thrilled. Though she was sad when Redface retired to the elders den. But she vowed to always protect her clan.


Mother: Sissy
Father: unknown

Siblings: Rose, Tulip, Falcon
Mate: OPEN
Kits: None yet




Theme song(s):…

Likes: nice cats, mice, birds, climbing

Dislikes: mean cats, snakes, foxes, badgers, snow





Bullet; White ll No opinion / neutural
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White ll Acquaintance 

Bullet; Green ll Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Good Friend
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Best Friend

Bullet; Blue ll Ex-Crush
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Pity For
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Ex-Mate

Bullet; Purple ll Distant relative
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Relative
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Close Relative

Bullet; Pink ll Small Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll Average Crush
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll Major Crush

Bullet; Yellow ll Suspicious
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Questionable
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Interested in / Curious about

Bullet; Red ll Lust
Bullet; RedBullet; Red ll Love

Bullet; Orange ll Respect
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Fear
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Terrified of

Bullet; Black ll Slight Hatred
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black ll Wants Dead / loath

Star! ll Family by choice

Heart|| Mate
Black Rose || Dead

                      |Name | Clan | Gender | Bullets | Thoughts|

                          {►||Roleplay Example}

                          {►||Roleplay Information}


✔   Notes |

 ✔  Skype |

X/✔   Chats |

✔ Comments | 


✔ G/PG |

✔ PG-13 | 

✔ Mature | 

X/✔ Crack |

Well I haven't really talked about this to anyone, but I'm gonna post it on here just to let some of the feelings out. Well a few days ago my older brother went over seas, I don't remember where they put him, and some part of me doesn't want to remember. I'm scared of what could happen to him, and with his attitude, it scares me even more. He's going to be over there for 6 mounths and hopefully return home. Keep him in your prays if you can…


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